Large Loose Rock Removed From First Kiss


The First Kiss route is located in the Kiss of the Lepers Area, named for head-shaped "kissing" spires to the north of Monkey Face. The loose rock was located within the red circled area.

September 11, 2015

Thanks to the fast work of Ian Caldwell, fondly known as the "Mayor of Smith Rock" and others from park management, as of 1:30 PM on 9/15/15, the First Kiss climbing route re-opened after its brief few days closure. According to the park the large rock and many smaller rocks in question have been removed. Sorry we didn't get the chance to film the trundle this time!

Here's more detail from Ian:

"... I removed the giant block from the top anchor of First Kiss. The block was fully detached and was wobbling back and forth. It took about 10 lbs of force to move it. Being right on the edge it is truly amazing that nobody grabbed it while climbing and sent it down. Probably weighed 200 - 300 lbs... SCARY. I rapped the route and cleaned up the mess. Enjoy."