Memorable Memorial Weekend Flower Show on the Smith Rock Trails

May 27, 2019

The combination of big and steady rain dumps followed by days of sunshine and fluctuating temperatures, in other words, Spring in the High Desert, has brought flowers to Smith Rock that have turned a few heads due to their rare appearance. Bitterroot is one of them. And there are others we have been scouring to identify that we couldn’t find in local flower books and the Audobon Society Field Guide.

Chokecherry along the back side of the River Trail

Chokecherry along the back side of the River Trail

Who knows what is still in store, but we thought we’d document a few while they are blooming now, along with our buddy “Summit Trail Amy’s” help.

We took the Summit Loop, starting left onto the River Trail across the bridge, then up the Summit Trail to behind the Monument Area, then down the Burma Road Trail, then back to the bridge via the Wolf Tree Trail.

Check out the slide show below. And if you still want others not necessarily in bloom this year, check out our Flora Gallery.

(Mobile viewers are not able to see the captions with the names of the plants, sorry!)