Four OSU Undergrads Want Your Smith Rock Stories

October 25, 2016

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Have a favorite part or special Smith experience you want to share?

Jonathon, Vanessa, Cass and Bonnie want your Smith Rock stories for their Oregon State University research project on their favorite park.  Post your comments below before November 23.

Part of a bigger study, your stories are needed for their Recreational Management project "Field Scoping and Site Analysis."

The outcome will be in two parts, a paper and a presentation that includes parts of the stories collected from those that participate. will share the final result after the project ends in early December.

The students will come to Smith Rock State Park as a group at least once early in the term to research and document the following:

history of recreation and management at the park

past and current activity group usage—both positive and negative conditions  and impacts related to resource factors (e.g., fire scars, litter, erosion, trail braiding, impacts on wildlife, trail shortcutting, vegetation breakage and trampling, human waste, water pollution, air pollution)

on-site social conditions—both positive and negative conditions and impacts related to visitors and their visits (e.g., crowding, conflict, noise, satisfaction, displacement)

managerial issues —both positive and negative issues related to what managers are doing to manage the site (e.g., fees, zoning [ROS], maintenance, prohibit activities, educational signs)

While at the park, they'll take photographs especially of environmental conditions, survey or interview visitors, talk with managers, rangers, and “friends of Smith Rock” groups.

They will also be doing off-site research literature about Smith Rock in the library and on-line. It'll be interesting to see how it compares to the recent study done by the State Park System that we turned into a quiz.

Vanessa Ellsworth says her student team is "super excited to exercise the tools we are learning in our Recreational Management Class and apply it to our favorite park!"

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