Parking Can Be Found--Here's a tip

October 9, 2015

The 97 removed parking spots along the west side of Crooked River Drive just south of the park entrance sign are making parking tough on these Indian summer days. If you head toward the RV lot you'll usually catch the short-termers that snag a quick photo and leave. Same at the far end of the road into the parking area at the Turnaround parking lot.

They're gone per a Deschutes County resolution citing both safety concerns and road damage issue from cars straddling the edge of the road and the shoulder. The east side has not been open to parking at all, and the county has been pretty tolerant of the overflow parking situation at the park until now.

Fear not--according to the park there is a group of engineers, park management and designers working on a temporary solution to be in place by next summer. A master plan for a more permanent solution will start up in about 10 months and expects to be finalized within 2 years once the process begins and public meetings are held.