Public Comment Period Ending Soon on Mazama Ranch Development Across from Smith Rock

August 13, 2017 has been waiting for the dust to settle on the previous months of neighborhood sessions on the proposed Mazama Ranch development across the street from the park to see the final plan. It just got unveiled for public consumption.

Mazama Ranch Proposed Development Project Site- click to enlarge

The plan was formally presented last Tuesday, August 8, 2017, at the Deschutes County Planning Commission meeting to property owners within 250 feet of the property and others that heard about the meeting through the Mazamas.

As expected, support and objections for the project covered a wide range of hopes and concerns. Testimony from the public can still be submitted, but only until August 29, 2017.  A form for input is set up for you below.

The "Mazama Ranch" is intended for but not exclusive to the climbing community at Smith Rock, to be owned and operated by The Mazamas, a 501(c)(3) non-profit Mountaineering Education Organization based in Oregon.

The Mazama Ranch at Smith Rock will be located on a 2.5 acre parcel directly across the street from the park, in close proximity to the Visitor's Center and main trailhead, providing convenient access to the park for overnight guests.

The concept for the project is based on similar lodging facilities located near world famous climbing destinations around the country, such as the Climber's Ranch operated by the American Alpine Club in Grand Teton National Park.  

Existing area of proposed Mazama Ranch Development- click to enlarge

Rendering of proposed Mazama Ranch Development- click to enlarge

The goal is to provide affordable, overnight accommodations in a four-bedroom bunkhouse and six walk-in campsites.

In total, the Mazama Ranch will accommodate 32 guests between its B&B and campground.

Some of the amenities include on-site parking, a self-service kitchen, bathrooms, a great room, and a covered outdoor gathering area.

Landscaping restoration for screening and noise buffering is planned. A full-time caretaker will be on-site at the year-round B&B and campground.  

The Mazamas have been climbing at Smith Rock for over 70 years and pledge to continue as a long-term conservation partner for the park and the neighborhood through the project and the advantageous location.

Have an opinion about the potential development? You've only until August 29. This form is all set up to email directly to the Deschutes County Planning Commission.  Have questions? Call this guy. Anthony Raguine, Senior Planner at Deschutes County Community Development Center at 541-617-4739.

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