Springtime Comes to Smith Rock (at least for today)

March 20, 2018

The Vernal Equinox took us a bit by surprise today, usually happening on the 21st of March. It's a good thing the sun knew what to do. By 11:30 climbers were sporting their minimal attire, and applying sunscreen for a warm day of 57° in The Dihedrals, made even warmer by the walls soaking up the sun. 

climbers on first day of Spring 2018 in the Dihedrals at Smith Rock State Park
runners on River Trail at Smith Rock State Park

While hikers, bikers, runners, and climbers were out to bask in the rays, we can't say the same for the flowers. They must know that winter is back in a few days, with snow in the forecast on Friday morning. A week from now is a different story, as Wednesday starts a warm streak in the low 60s, with 66° predicted for the 1st of April. 

For now, we can send you to the Flora Gallery for a quick tease of the show that's still on the way. 



climbers in the Dihedrals Smith Rock State Park
woman climber in Dihedrals
climbers hike the River Trail at Smith Rock State Park
flower on the River Trail at Smith Rock State Park