gratitude = Smith Rock

November 22, 2016

A Thanksgiving message submitted by one very moved by the magic that is Smith Rock State Park.

Temple of gold

I lay in the dry desert soil where my life began. In the west horizon, the sun sets beyond the ribbon of the cascade mountains, and to the east, the sun rises pink over the rolling hills of juniper and sage. This is where the geese bark and the eagles soar. A crooked river flows through a valley of its creation, where once upon a time a mighty mountain stood that is now a caldera of dreams. This is where the otters splash and play, and the songbirds sing. This is where volcanic tuff rises like a prolific temple of gold and where a monolith resembles a wise ape. It is here when I was a young boy that I discovered my curiosity and the importance of places of beauty and wonder that ask for silence.

It is at this source where we find contentment. Without deep contemplation of our experience with everything around us there would be no inspiration.

Everyone has a unique way of tapping into this world.With that, it is up to us to preserve these sacred places because without them we would not know who we are.

Ethan Holt