Many choice boulders lie across the hillside just below the Red Wall.

To get there go right after crossing the bridge and follow the Wolf Tree Trail 100 yards to the Cave Boulder, then another 200 yards past the Lizard Boulder.

(All the picks below are rated 3-star in Alan Watts’ Guidebook, with * noting a 4-star)

Red Clot Rock

overhanging river face nearest the trail with some of the best rock in the areA:

  • Jug Route V1

  • The Begin Down Under Problem V3

  • Red Clot V4

  • Jug Route to Red Clot V4  

The Blob/Red Dare Rock

directly behind Red Clot Rock, look for two blocks that almost butt up to each other, these are on the left of the two on Red Dare Rock: 

  • Donini Traverse V3

  • Double-Dog Dare V3

Crimson Boulder

uphill and to the left of Red Spike Boulder, this big reddish boulder is easy to spot:

  • Better Dead than Red V3 R

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