Your RV not working out to stay at the Bivy? SKULL HOLLOW JUST IS 8 MILES FROM SMITH ROCK.

Or you just want to build a campfire and can't do so at Smith Rock State Park? Maybe you just came to share ghost stories about its origin...Skull Hollow Campground (aka The Grasslands) is 8 miles northeast of the main parking area at the park. 

The campground this year opened on APRIL, 13 2019 and is generally open through November 15.


  • Water is not available. Services are very minimal so please take your trash with you.

  • There are two pit toilets, so not entirely uncivilized.

  • You can purchase up to 14 nights. Reservations are not accepted.

  • Per night, per site fees are $10 per individual site and $20 for double size sites.

  • A single site allows 1 vehicle and 6 people. A double site allows 2 vehicles and 12 people. Double sites normally have 2 tables in them.

  • Any other vehicles more than 2 on a double site or more than 1 on a single site are subject to a $5 extra vehicle fee. One trailer or boat in tow is allowed as part of the first vehicle.

  • Fires are allowed, although firewood is virtually non- existent so you'll need to bring your own.

  • There are 28 campsites with parking pullouts. You can also sleep in your vehicle if you'd like.

  • Here is their phone number for more info: (541)416-6640. And here is their website.

Skull Hollow Campground map from Smith Rock State Park—click to enlarge

The popular Gray Butte/Cole Loop Trailhead that connects to Smith Rock State Park is located just northeast of the campground. So bring your mountain bike or just go hike.  Just a heads up--you may be sharing the trail with horseback riders too. Check out the area map.

Gray Butte Trail that connects to the  Burma Road Trail  at Smith Rock State Park

Gray Butte Trail that connects to the Burma Road Trail at Smith Rock State Park