Have an idea of the total miles you feel like hiking at Smith Rock State Park?

Aren’t sure what’s in store for you when you look at the trail map? We’ve put together 5 suggested hiking trail tours that range from just under 2 miles just over 7 round trip from the Welcome Center. 

From easy flat to more difficult terrain we give you details on what to expect along the way. Each of the tours link to the hiking trails that make up the tour for galleries to give you a visual of the terrain. Some of the tours have various options to add mileage to your route, along with a shuttle option to extend your range. 

See climbers on Rope-de-Dope, wildlife along the Crooked River, the densest vegetation and "cave" rocks in the park, the bald eagles nest along the rim and spectacular canyon views.

Watch horses ford the river, lunch among the boulders by the Lower Gorge, hike up to the rim and peer over the edge of the giant basalt columns that line the Crooked River rapids below.

Avoid the crowds headed up Misery Ridge and take the scenic River Trail as it winds around the park's main climbing areas, to the Monkey Face spire, and then up to the rim for great views before coming down the traditional route back to the bridge.

See the whole park starting with the Crooked River, Monkey Face, and then up a series of switchbacks to amazing views from the back side of the Monument area and then down a road and back along the river to the bridge again.

Head away from the crowds, maybe spot a great heron on a river rock and golden eagles that nest in the Monument area, then head up to the edge of park and BLM land for some views of the Gorge area.