In spite of the dozens of boulders on the west side from Cod Rock to Monkey Face only a few really make the grade for bouldering.

You can hump it up and over Asterisk Pass, come down the Misery Ridge Trail, or go the long way around the Southern Tip on the River Trail to reach the West Side Problems. To go over Asterisk Pass take a left at the bridge along the River Trail for just over .25 miles, then head up just past Christian Brothers for an 80′ elevation gain rock scramble. Rope use is recommended to get over the pass.

 (All the picks below are rated 3-star in Alan Watts’ Guidebook, with * noting a 4-star)

Monkey Boulder
distinct boulder with 15-foot roof barely off the ground along the river trail north of Monkey Face:

  • Jungle Gym V0

  • Spider Monkey V1

  • Barrel of Monkeys V3

  • Monkey See, Monkey Do V3

  • My Monkey and I V3

  • Monkey in the Middle V5

  • Monkey Lip Traverse V7

Logan's Boulder
a reddish boulder just above Pleasure Palace atop the ridge south of Monkey Face

  • Logan's Problem V3

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